Although PCA Airworthiness – Engenharia e Consultoria is a recent company, it relies on a high level of expertise and knowledge acquired over more than 20 years of experience in the Civil Aviation market. Mainly focused on delivery and redelivery of new and used aircrafts, the company is prepared to develop all phases of the process, giving peace of mind to your company at this asset transition moment. Knowing that time and a reliable execution of services are crucial to eliminate possible losses in this process, PCA Airworthiness provides the necessary tools to that end.


Our Mission

Giving peace of mind in the process of transition of assets between Companies


Our Vision

Being regarded as a Brazilian Company Benchmark in processes of delivery and redelivery of Aviation Assets.


Our Values

Knowledge, Reliability and Punctuality



In the next 10 years, over 60% of the entire fleet of commercial aircrafts will belong to Lessors, who will lease (sublet) them by Operational Leasing.
To better understand this market, an aircraft is usually leased (sublet) 4 to 5 times by its Lessor to Operators (Lessees). With each consecutive lease, the risk of depreciation of this asset becomes a huge variable in this Process, and Lessors will do anything within reach to keep the asset in excellent condition.

The great problem with leasing is that it comes a time we have to return the asset to its owner, and, regardless of being leased in a being a short or long-term contract, the aircraft must be redelivered in the same technical condition, despite 4, 5, 7 years having elapsed. So, Lessors strive to maintain the residual value of their assets as high as possible, thus keeping very strict requirements with regard to the aircraft – and technical condition is a major factor in this sense.

Consequently, the redelivery of an aircraft, i.e., the return of this valuable asset to its owner (Lessor) is a great challenge for most Airlines, that must be prepare as early as possible.

Targeting this market, PCA Airworthiness manages part or the entire process, making it less painful for Companies. Being conservative, some actions need to be started as early as possible, preferably 1 year before the termination of the Lease, i.e., the date of redelivery. To minimize the downtime of an aircraft, the Airline must have a clear work agenda for the whole period, where the technical documentation must be reviewed, updated and verified for compliance, at the occasion, with aircraft redelivery contractual clauses.

A special team must be assigned to manage and supervise the entire Redelivery Process.

As the “Great problem” of a redelivery is the documentation (Records), PCA Airworthiness manages this whole part, so the Company will have peace of mind and will be able to focus in the core of its business, i.e., Operating its Fleet.